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Sensory gym provides safe space for children with autism

June 4,2020
Olivia Shying, Geelong Advertiser, June 5, 2020

Children with autism will have a new safe space to express and enjoy themselves with the opening of a new sensory gym.

GROVEDALE mum Danni Gazzara always yearned for a safe place where son Pax could play without fear of judgment.

Ms Gazzara said she was often made to feel uncomfortable by other people who stared or gave her unwelcome parenting advice if nine-year-old Pax, who has autism, became unsettled.

“We found it was difficult to find places where we could all go and feel comfortable and not judged,” Ms Gazzara said.

“If Pax was loud or noisy or hard work people would give me advice on how to parent my child.

“We found it difficult.”

Ms Gazzara and partner Minh Thai also found their younger daughter Coco, 8, and eldest daughter Caitlin, 24, were missing out on experiences.

“It was a double edged sword,” Ms Gazzara said.

Determined to create a safe place for their family, Ms Gazzara and Mr Thai decided to open a sensory gym specially designed for children with autism.

The Grovedale centre is part of the We Rock the Spectrum Kids franchise and is NDIS registered.

The gym has therapeutic equipment specifically designed to work with many of the sensory processing issues that children on the spectrum face, while providing all children with the sensory-diet necessary for improved learning and neurological development.

Ms Gazzara said the centre was designed to make all children feel safe and had special areas where children could feel cosy if they became over stimulated.

“For Pax, it is somewhere where we can bring him and he can be who he is,” Ms Gazzara

“We don’t have to apologise or explain ourselves.”

The centre opens this weekend.

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